Written State Board Training Class

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A 5 hour intense class developed to help prepare individuals to pass the written potion of their cosmetology or barber related exams.

Live online training, with a licensed instructor in the area which you seek licensure. YOU MUST HAVE ACCESS TO A COMPUTER or SMARTPHONE AND INTERNET TO TAKE THIS CLASS IN OUR VIRTUAL TRAINING SYSTEM.

Training is customized based on the needs of the student taking the class.An evaluation will be conducted by the instructor to determine areas of study needed by the student.

**If the student has attempted and failed a written exam before, the instructor may ask for detailed information about the exam attempt.**

-Each chapter of study will come with a written multiple choice exam, which will be graded by the instructor immediately.
-A final written multiple choice exam covering all areas will be given.
-ALL grades will be returned to the student to use as future study guides until test day.

7 reviews for Written State Board Training Class

  1. Edna Rilms

    good class.
    my school sucked so i failed my written exam 3 times.
    I was about to just give up and then a friend told me about this place so i figured what the heck cant hurt to try one more time.
    I signed up and the class was online and i had a private teacher and it was great. she really took her time with me and made sure i got it.
    I passed the next time i went. I wish i would have just gone her to begin with, i know i would have passed.

  2. Edna Rilms

    loved it! I passed my test.

  3. Cindi Adamson

    i had the same situation as the other people here. went to schoo and didnt learn much. so i was definitely lost during test time. took this class and i was still nervous but i was ready. I passed with a 92% !!!!
    Thank you so much ms. singleton



  5. Nancy Johnson-Baker

    Just took this class on Friday and I went to take my exam yesterday which was Saturday, and I am so glad I did.
    I didn’t go to school I worked in a salon and dI’d apprenticeship. I learned all of the hands on but none of the book work.
    I took this class twice just to make sure I was ready and I passes my exam the first time.
    I did cosmetology btw.
    I liked that is was also online and they knew exactly what would be on the test.

    The first class I had other people in the class but the second time it was just me. I enjoyed both ways.
    You won’t regret it!
    I have the license to prove it!

  6. Rico Newnan

    good class. i passed with a 89% after taking it. the first time i failed with a 62%.

  7. Amari Gibson (verified owner)

    Loved everything about this class! Ms.Singleton is awesome. I finally passed
    My written exam after failing it 2 years ago.

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