Esthetician State Board Exam Kits

All Esthetician state board kits are updated weekly to provide test takers with the most current state board exam kit for their state.   If your state is not listed we DO NOT service your state at this time. Please select the state you will be testing in below to access detailed kit information.

  1. Alabama
  2. Arizona
  3. California
  4. Colorado
  5. Delaware
  6. Georgia
  7. Idaho
  8. Kansas
  9. Kentucky
  10. Louisiana
  11. Maine
  12. Maryland
  13. Massachusetts
  14. Michigan
  15. Mississippi
  16. Missouri
  17. Montana
  18. New Hampshire
  19. New Mexico
  20. New York
  21. North Carolina
  22. North Dakota
  23. Ohio
  24. South Carolina
  25. South Dakota
  26. Tennessee
  27. Texas
  28. Utah
  29. Vermont
  30. Virginia
  31. Washington
  32. West Virginia
  33. Wisconsin
  34. Wyoming


Please Note: Esthetician state board exam kits do not include actual makeup if your exam includes a makeup application service. You will need to add actual makeup to your own kit for your exam to match your mannequin or model skin tone. All other supplies and implements needed to complete a makeup service will be provided.

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